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    Hello, I am Diana and this is my portfolio. I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Bucharest, Romania. I am very passionate about what I do and I enjoy working at creative and fun projects.

    My main skills reside in general design, illustration and web. I am a creative, sociable and talkative Sagittarius and my favourite color is purple. When I am not drawing I read, swim, run and laugh a lot.

    I hope you enjoy my portfolio!

  • What I Can Do

    Website Designing

    I build creative and good-looking websites and layouts for small businesses, organizations or personal projects. I am professional, affordable and flexible. Beside the main layout I can customize banners, graphic design and galleries.

    Visual Identity

    I develop a creative and innovative visual identity of a brand and incoroporate it in logos, prints, busines cards, packaging and other advertising materials.


    My personal style of drawing is funny and cartoony. I illustratate for personal projects, prints and book covers.

  • Copyright statement

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